About and Our Mission

Deliver our Customers the Edge of the Enterprise Open Source Solutions that will permit them to get the best competitive advantage in the market.

Deliver to the Open Source Community the Enterprise enhancement requests, Support and Maintenance to continuously growth of the OSS solutions.


October 2008: 

Partnership with Vyatta, leading company for Open Source Networking solutions

Partnership with ZManda, leading company for Open Source Backup Management solutions

August 2008: 

Partnership with Novell / SuSE Linux for System Integration and Training Center

Partnership with VMWare, leading company for  Virtualization Platforms

July 2008: 

Founded by a set of high ex-Senior Directors and Consultants from International companies with several experiences, namely Telecommunications, Finance, Software Vendors, Consulting and System Integrators.

Why Road2Biz

Today Enterprises are challenged to get “more with less”, which means companies are looking more closely to Open Source Software solutions to leverage their business with the 21st Century New Business Models.

The role of Road2Biz is precisely to deliver the level of Confidence and Service to Enterprises searching on Open Source software one of the strategies to generate a Value Added to their Value Chain.

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