Identity and access management

Quick, secure access

Secure access through a context-aware approach with risk based adaptive access controls. Strengthen authentication and authorization capabilities giving users quick and secure access to the resources they need, while providing a positive user experience. Deliver on user expectations throughout the digital transformation journey and maximize your existing technologies connecting old with the new. Secure and manage those connective APIs to match your journey whether that be to the cloud, SaaS, web services, microservices, or IoT.

Monitor privileged users

Deliver adaptive and frictionless Privilege Management capabilities which diminish the risk of a privilege-related security incident. Leverage intelligence and visibility of the privileged identity lifecycle with unrivaled privilege granularity with our ActiveView identity model. Implement a better experience with non-intrusive privileged session monitoring. A more efficient way to manage your privilege environment with secure, efficient, and consistent built-in workflow automation, a single vendor coverage across the entire environment and a reduced the time it takes for audits and attestation reporting.

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